A Yoga class will typically include some or all of the following postures. 

  • Standing poses for flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Seated postures for the health of the back, poise and reflection
  • Forward bends for calming and nurturing the body/mind
  • Inverted postures for circulation and stress reduction
  • Breathing awareness and deep relaxation for energy and renewal
  • You should try to have an empty stomach for your yoga class, so please leave at least 2/3 hours after a main meal or 1 hour after a very light snack.
  • Your clothing should not restrict your movement, most people wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt
  • Yoga is always practised with bare feet but do have some warm socks and a warm top for the relaxation.
  • All medical conditions should be stated on the medical questionnaire which you will be asked to complete before your class.

"You should do the asanas with vigour and at the same time be relaxed and composed"

B.K.S Iyengar